Sofía Bertomeu Hojberg (Spain, 1991)

Spanish multidisciplinary artist who works within the fields of conceptual sound art, video art, photography, graphic and multimedia design and whose projects concern issues such as “dissolved identities”, “dissolved spaces”, deep and hidden emotions, abstract landscapes within wider areas (museums, bodies…), conceptual and thematic Soundscapes and Portraits. The usage of the term “scape” as a double meaning; as a landscape shortening and as an actual escape from our own reality. She also composes music for audiovisual productions (Cinema, TV, Advertising, Theater, Dance).

Since she began her journey in 2010, and up to this day, she maintains a dialogue between the visual arts and sound art through experimentation. She is most concerned about issues such as portraying and developing concepts around the disciplines of landscape, portrait and identity, from an open and interdisciplinary perspective.

She co-directs WDR Creative, Morada Sónica (Experimental Music Festival of Almería) and Wet Dreams Records.
Music genres: Experimental, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Glitch, IDM, Noise, Techno, Industrial.

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