JOSEP MARIA SOLER, ANTONIO LUÍS GUILLÉN and CARLOS MARTÍN, founded in 2013 the non-profit cultural dissemination and dissemination collective MORADA SÓNICA. This group was born from the MORADAS FESTIVAL on July 26, 2013 in the ALCAZABA DE ALMERÍA, in which sound artists from different parts of the Iberian geography participated. After this festival, the idea of ​​creating a collective to spread different forms of experimental music in the Almeria capital on different levels: concerts, auditions, workshops and even a radio program with the same name of the group that continues to work on the day of today in the municipal radio station CANDIL RADIO of Huércal de Almería.

All this gave rise to a series of concerts that, from October 2013 to January 2016, took place at the headquarters of the premises of THE CULTURAL PRODUCTIONS OFFICE. After the provisional closure of said premises and before the impossibility of being able to carry out our activities in the facilities of said entity, we have continued to carry out concerts of the MORADA SÓNICA cycle in an itinerant way until today, in which we offer them in the premises of the CLASIJAZZ association of Almería.

They are already seven years of history of the collective, becoming an absolute pioneer as an organizer of events related to experimental music and sound art in the city of Almería, one of the most anthological within Andalusia and one of the most important in the State Spanish. All this led us to receive, in 2016, the CURA CASTILLEJO AWARD for the best alternative music dissemination proposal, through which they have passed a list of top-level artists in the field of musical experimentation and sound art. This list appears at the end of this document.

In the 2018 - 2019 course, once located in CLASIJAZZ, we redirect the way of organizing events, from programming monthly concerts to creating a series of quarterly festivals connected to the seasonal cycle (autumn, winter, spring) in which we include several activities , from concerts to workshops, talks, exhibitions, commented listening, informative sessions, etc. turning MORADA SÓNICA into something that goes far beyond a cycle of concerts and making that in the last 2018 - 2019 season we have exponentially multiplied the impact of MORADA SÓNICA experiencing a strong increase in attendance at our events.


During this past year, we received an offer from the most anthological and prestigious festival in the country, the famous LEM organized by GRÀCIA TERRITORI SONOR, the pioneer association in Spain that has been organizing concert cycles of sound art and musical experimentation in Barcelona for almost 40 years. This offer consisted of carrying out an exchange with SUNIC MORADA in which they will send us a local artist to our festival in this 2019 - 2020 course in exchange for SOFÍA BERTOMEU and JOSEP MARIA SOLER, experimental electronic music musical duo baptized as WDR, we are going to give a concert to the SANT AGUSTÍ CONVENT CIVIC CENTER of Barcelona on October 18, 2019. Once this offer is accepted, a twinning between both associations has been established, which is germinating in new offers of both national and European festivals for next editions.


For the 2019 - 2020 season and, with the entry of the artist SOFÍA BERTOMEU in the co-direction of MORADA SÓNICA, we have renewed the board of directors of the collective and have considerably increased the number of members, which has allowed us to carry out the procedures to register it as Cultural association under the name of EKSPERIMENT (AT), which includes the SONIC PURPLE FESTIVAL, the activities organized by the WDR CREATIVE firm that I run with SOFÍA BERTOMEU. This brand is basically dedicated to the organization of cultural events and sound education, which has allowed us to organize a high-level program for this season.


In the FESTIVAL DE OTOÑO MORADA SÓNICA 2019 that took place on September 28 and 29, we have managed to bring artists such as MATEO MENA, an artist and electronic engineer specialized in the historical dissemination of the Electronic Musical Medium and in the design and construction of electroacoustic instruments that he gave master classes / workshops during the two days of the festival, ending with a concert in which he demonstrated the potential of his electronic musical devices.


But above all we had the honor of bringing RAFAEL FLORES known worldwide as COMANDO BRUNO, a sound artist who has spent 40 years of musical career within the experimental scene and a fundamental name to understand the Spanish underground “move”. He has collaborated with big names in this scene like FRANCISCO LÓPEZ, ANTON IGNORANT, MACROMASSA, GEOMETRIC SPLENDER, but he has never left his studio in these four decades, until a few months ago we communicated the intention to premiere worldwide in concert within our Festival. RAFAEL FLORES gave a talk about experimental music in Spain during the 80s and, finally, a concert in which he had the collaboration of the sound artist SOFÍA BERTOMEU.