KLAUSS (Argentina, 1988)

Klauss are an Argentine electronic band formed in Buenos Aires City in 1988 by Ernesto Romeo. The group is composed by Ernesto Romeo, Francisco Nicosia, Lucas Romeo and Pablo Gil.

Klauss is an Argentine band led by Ernesto Romeo (synthesizers, keyboards, sequencers, processors and electronic instruments), Francisco Nicosia (synthesizers, keyboards and sequencers), Lucas Romeo (electric guitar, synthesizers, processors and electronic instruments) and Pablo Gil (drum machines, synthesizers, processors and electronic instruments). It was founded in 1988 as a group where the different languages of electronic, electro-acoustic and progressive contemporary music could be developed. Klauss combines minimalist sequences, dance rhythms and impressionist harmonies with free forms, noise and atonality, creating dreamlike environments and symphonic textures in a space open to experimentation and improvisation. Also remarkable is the powerful use of the analogue and digital electronic equipment they unfold during the concerts, an unusual and complex instrumentation which results in a unique experience each time they play.

Since 1991 Klauss has been playing on the main stages of Buenos Aires, apart from many other uncommon places. Among the first are: Centro Cultural Recoleta, Ciudad Cultural Konex, Teatro Municipal General San Martín, Centro Cultural Kirchner, Palacio Alsina, El Cubo Theatre, Museum of Modern Art, Niceto, La Usina del Arte, La Trastienda, Casa Nacional Del Bicentenario, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Espacio Cultural Babilonia, Centro Cultural General San Martín, Centro Cultural De La Ciencia, Club Cultural Matienzo, El Vitral Theatre, Universidad Nacional de Gral. Sarmiento; and other cities like Córdoba, La Plata and Rosario and Madrid, New York, Montevideo, Barcelona, Pretoria and Bogotá.

They have also participated in festivals such as Mutek, Buenos Aires Hot Festival, Sónar+D, PUMA Urban Festival, Unlock ArtLab, Habitats Festival (Brooklyn Lyceum, New York, USA.), Creamfields, Panorámica, Zyklus, Trance To Help, Búsquedas Sonoras, BAFIM, Festival Tsonami, Festival Bipolar (Gruta 77, Madrid, Spain), South American Music Conference-Buenos Aires SAMC, Código País, Primer Encuentro Latinoamericano de Sonidos Electrónicos e Industriales (Teatro Municipal Jorge Elieçer Gaitán, Bogotá, Colombia), Fuga Jurásica, Buenos Aires-Ciudad Abierta, Festival de Electromúsicos del Río de la Plata (Milenio, Montevideo, Uruguay), Pulso, Buenos Aires No Duerme, Festival Internacional de Video y Artes Electrónicas F.I.V.´96, to mention some. Klauss published the albums “Cielos Móviles” (recorded between 1994 and 1995), “Metales Perfectos” (recorded between 1999 and 2000, a double CD) and “e” (recorded between 2003 and 2008). It was founded by Ernesto Romeo and Alejandro Vazquez in 1988, who named the band after the actor Klaus Kinsky, for his work in "Nosferatu" by Werner Herzog. Other members during the first period of the band were Walter Alderete and Ángel Castro.

Currently, Klauss has finished a new album, recorded at La Siesta Del Fauno (their own Studio-Laboratory), which digs deeply in the avant-garde stamp of the band, characterized by an intense sound search based on the profuse use of synthesizers, sequencers, keyboards, drum machines, guitars and all types of sound generators and processors

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