Convocatoria Internacional

"Viaje Alrededor De Mi Cuarto"

International multidisciplinary call "Journey Around My Room" (Tribute to Xavier de Maistre) for artists who work sound art, video art and mail-art from confinement.

It is an activity proposed by EKSPERIMENT (AT) / MORADA SÓNICA and organized by WET DREAMS RECORDS and MEDIASERVIC LAB.



:: BASES ::

Theme: Sound, graphic and videographic works around confinement, reclusion, closure, hibernation, disconnection, isolation, deportation, exile, retirement and similar concepts freely inspired by the work "A Journey around my room" by Xavier de Maistre, author at that this initiative pays tribute.

Modalities. Each participant may submit a work in one or more of the following categories:

Audio. Pieces of sound art and or music of a maximum duration of 5 minutes in Wav format.

Graphic. Free technique JPG files, photography, collages, drawing, digital art, etc.

Video. Pieces with a maximum duration of 5 minutes in AVI, MP4 or MOV formats.

Requirements: Each participant must indicate the author, title of the work, place of residence, e-mail and web address, if applicable. A biographical note and/or description of the work, with a maximum length of 400 characters, may be included.

Deadline: The admission of works ends at 12 midnight on May 15, 2020. The organizers reserve the possibility of extending this period if circumstances so advise.

Publication: The sound works must be sent to the address and will be progressively published by the Wet Dreams Records label ( in strict order of receipt. Once the admission period has ended, a pre-order period will be established for its subsequent edition in physical format.

Videos and graphic works should be sent to the address and published, also in order of receipt, on the Mediaservic Lab blog
( as well as on the Instagram Mediaservic Lab.

This project is an initiative of Eksperiment (at) - Morada Sónica
Curated by Wet Dreams Records and Mediaservic Lab.